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 Past Workshops:

Ginger-bug Workshop


Come and learn how to make ginger-bug. Ginger-bug is a non-alcoholic, fermented drink that is packed full of beneficial bacteria and yeast... and is incredibly delicious and refreshing!  We'll wrap up the demonstration by enjoying a cup of homemade 'ginger ale'. Attendees will all go home with their own ginger bug starter.


Sourdough Workshop


Join in on a roundtable discussion about all things sourdough.  Come ready to take notes, as well as share your own experiences.  I will walk you through my method of caring for my sourdough starter and we'll all sample one of my favorite was to use sourdough discard. Sourdough starters will be available for anyone who would like to delve into this delicious and healthy method of traditional food preparation!


 Upcoming Workshops:

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